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We design financial instruments suitable to individual needs and provide services which help corporates in realigning their business strategy or capital structure that optimise returns to the various stake holders.


The Investment Banking business of LSI provides various finance related advice and other services to Corporates. We ensure that our clients are able to execute their plans successfully and efficiently. Our Investment Banking Services entail the following:

Managing Open Offers

under SAST and ensuring compliance with the various provisions under the Statutory (SEBI and Companies Act) Regulations.

Managing Delisting Offers under Voluntary Delisting

for Small Companies as well as Large Companies in accordance with the Delisting Regulations issued by SEBI.


Allotment through proper advice on equity market opportunities and conditions while complying with the relevant guidelines issued by SEBI.

Merges and Acquisitions assistance

is also provided to Companies. Advisory Services for both buy-side as well as sell-side are provided. LSI also has proven expertise in sourcing of potential targets or buyers.

Valuation Advisory Services

including Business Valuation, Equity Valuation and other Statutory and Regulatory Valuations in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Acts and Regulations.


Timely access to Debt Funds has become essential for successful execution of corporate business plans. We have developed in-depth understanding of the debt market not only within the nation but also internationally. LSI utilises its experience and expertise in providing solutions for the following:

Project Finance – Greenfield and Brownfield

wherein we assist in arranging funds required to set up New Projects (Greenfield) or augmenting the existing projects for capacity enhancement, technology upgradation or any associated activities (Brownfield).

Working Capital Arrangement

is provided to Corporates through judicious assessment of the business process and possible realignment of working capital cycle which helps in accessing the optimum amount of debt required.

Overseas and Cross-Border

Funding services is provided for mergers and acquisitions aboard and to source funds at competative rates.

Bridge and Mezzanine Finance

is provided for our premium clients to meet their short-term finance requirements.

We provide securitization services

of financial assets of corporates by discounting their future earnings.


LSI assists its clients in times of financial distress so as to improve or restore their liquidity.

Debt Swapping services

by us are performed for conversion of old debts to either new debts or new equity, this helps the businesses to realign their repayment with their cash flow. We can also swap our client’s credit facility at cheaper rates through some other Banks thereby assisting them in reducing their costs of funds and improve their profitability.

Structuring / Realigning of Debt

including Restructuring under S4A Scheme, CDR, SDR, 5:25 Scheme are some of the debt restructuring services provided by us.

Conversion of Debt

into Equity and Quasi Equity wherein we arrange for investors / lenders for the concerned business.