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On 28th May 2016, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC 2016) was enacted to provide the legal and legislative framework to support lenders effectively to recover or restructure defaulted debts in a time bound manner. The Code became operational in December 2016. LSI aims to be a vibrant player in the new emerging Insolvency Resolution regime as an Insolvency Professionals Entity (IPE) by making available the services of Insolvency Resolution Professionals and other professionals like Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Advocates, Valuers, Engineers, Project consultants, Security personnel under one roof. Our gamut of services includes:

Corporate Consulting for Resolution / Liquidation

Provide consultancy for Resolution and Voluntary liquidation by our team of Insolvency Professionals.

Forming a Resolution Plan

Prepare resolution plan for corporate debtors/creditors for consideration of COC.

Delivery of Services by Competent Insolvency Resolution Professionals

Deliver the services of Insolvency Professional as Interim Resolution Professional and Resolution Professional by a team of Insolvency Professionals.

Legal Assistance

Arrange legal assistance to our clients through our panel of advocates.

Support to Resolution Professionals

Provide Secretarial assistance to Insolvency Professionals.